Client Author: James Wheeler, Director of Engineering for The Regional Medical Center

Jim Wheeler

James Wheeler, Director of Engineering for the Regional Medical Center (RMC) of Orangeburg, South Carolina, puts guaranteeing patient satisfaction above all other responsibilities. He considers his work to be fundamentally customer service-oriented, and works for the satisfaction of both patients and nurses at RMC’s facilities. To deal with equipment failures and disorganization that RMC’s nurses and patients were experiencing, he realized that there was a need for outsourcing and acted decisively.

Because Mr. Wheeler puts RMC’s patients and nurses first, he understood the importance of having an organized system for his team, so that the nurses could do their work efficiently without constant hold-ups. “Prior to ISS Solutions coming on board, clinical engineering was one of my biggest issues because of service maintenance and unable-to-locate equipment,” said Mr. Wheeler. Before collaborating with ISS Solutions, RMC was missing and not properly servicing an unacceptable number of pieces of medical equipment. By taking action, ISS Solutions has improved this important measure by 90%. “They made the inventory process less painful by bringing in extra workers to lend a hand,” noted Mr. Wheeler. ISS Solutions also implemented an innovative equipment tracking approach to help keep the inventory optimally organized.

Having everything in order was useful in summer of 2012, when the Joint Commission evaluated RMC. The Joint Commission was impressed with RMC’s clinical engineering program, because ISS Solutions expertly managed the facility’s medical equipment and maintained an accurate database. Mr. Wheeler was proud of his decision to collaborate with ISS Solutions. ISS Solutions’ innovative approach to organizing clinical engineering has enabled the nurses to focus on their patients and deliver the quality service that both RMC and ISS Solutions uphold.

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