Client Facility: The Regional Medical Center

Regional Medical Center Building

The Regional Medical Center (RMC) is a 286-bed healthcare organization offering compassionate acute care to people in South Carolina’s Orangeburg and Calhoun counties. ISS Solutions is now the full-service contractor to RMC’s hospital and seventeen additional facilities, covering an area which extends forty miles from the hospital and supporting over 4,000 pieces of biomedical and imaging equipment.

From preventive maintenance and repairs to new equipment purchase advising, inventory management, and outside vendor contract negotiation, ISS Solutions is handling it all with poise and good service. “ISS Solutions is excellent at what they do,” said James Wheeler, Director of Engineering for RMC. “It doesn’t matter what type of issue it is or when it occurs. They are prompt and thorough, and they provide impeccable service.”

From the very beginning, ISS Solutions provided reasonable prices for RMC, making the switch to their services all the more appealing. Mr. Wheeler explained that even prior to being awarded a contract, ISS Solutions deployed a team of biomedical, imaging and management experts to understand and analyze RMC’s unique requirements, inventory and cost-savings goals. “Negotiating the contract terms and price went very well because ISS Solutions’ team became intimately involved with our equipment database, what we had, and how we could achieve what we needed to do,” said Mr. Wheeler.

The cost savings in the service contract was just the beginning. All over RMC, ISS Solutions took cost-efficiency to the next level. When a sterilizer went down, ISS Solutions’ on-site team leader quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem. “The sterilizer is running better now than when it was originally installed. To me, that’s a savings of about $100,000 just for that one piece of equipment,” marveled Mr. Wheeler. ISS Solutions uncovered further savings for RMC by canceling an expensive endoscopy service contract. Ms. Elliott explained, “ISS Solutions is now maintaining flexible endoscopes, saving us $80,000 per year by meeting that particular need of ours.”

Managers around the healthcare organization noted that ISS Solutions was excellent at helping to balance and plan budgets. More efficient service means paying less overtime and replacing less equipment, and ISS Solutions’ competitive advantage has greatly helped to drive down other contracting rates.

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