ISS Solutions Joins RMC's Mission to Passionately Put the Patient First

Regional Medical Center

After years of running an in-house clinical engineering program, the Regional Medical Center (RMC) in Orangeburg, South Carolina took a fresh look at its own expertise—delivering quality healthcare, not managing and servicing complex medical equipment—and decided to sign a contract with ISS Solutions.

For a healthcare organization that strives to “Passionately Put the Patient First”, it was painful to become aware of receiving lower patient satisfaction ratings, but also scary to imagine outsourcing any part of their compassion-based service organization. However, they warmed up to the idea once they saw the sensitivity with which ISS Solutions integrated into the healthcare setting. “We were worried when we heard that a company was coming in to take over clinical engineering that we’d only see people whenever preventive maintenance was due,” admitted Sandy Elliott, Nursing Director of Surgical Services for RMC, “but that hasn’t happened. From ISS Solutions, we’re still getting all the support we need to keep things running every day and that was a nice surprise.” ISS Solutions subtly implemented changes in processes and attitudes to fix the problems that administrators had highlighted. ISS Solutions’ transition into RMC’s corporate culture was so seamless that Ms. Elliott remarked, “As far as what we would see day-to-day, there was no noticeable transition.”

Ms. Elliott appreciates the benefits that ISS Solutions brings because they honored RMC’s vision and experience while making needed management changes to address issues. She found it helpful that ISS Solutions’ resident manager for RMC hired previous RMC technicians. “This is a community hospital,” she explained. “Working our knowledge base and our history into their service plan was a valuable benefit. I’m glad ISS Solutions recognized the value of our community members and kept our technical team in place.”

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