Victor F., ISS Solutions Clinical Engineering Area Manager, is "Exemplary Employee"

Victor F

Eric Steinberg, ISS Solutions’ Director of Clinical Engineering for the Mid-Atlantic West and Southeast regions, doesn’t hesitate to describe Victor as, in a word, “exemplary!” “Victor is dedicated to doing things right, the first time,” Mr. Steinberg elaborated. “He is not only technically competent, but he also understands that taking care of his people is important to making them happy and the clients happy.”

Victor has been a Clinical Engineering Area Manager for ISS Solutions since joining the team in 2011. He supervises five technicians and manages two accounts: The Regional Medical Center, a 287-bed facility with 28 out-clinics in Orangeburg, South Carolina, and Flint River Hospital, a smaller hospital in central Georgia.

“Victor always jumps into the work and assists the technicians, training them constantly,” said Mr. Steinberg. During a crisis involving an X-ray unit, Victor designed and implemented a cost-effective answer for the customer. He got his technicians out of their comfort zone and led the crew in rebuilding a tube hanger. It took the team several days but in the end the technicians expanded their skills and the client was extremely satisfied. “What I enjoy most is a satisfied client,” Victor explained, “and when I can save money for both the client and ISS Solutions.”

Victor has worked in the biomedical equipment maintenance field for over 23 years. He received his training while in the Air Force at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas and graduated in 1990. He completed his associate’s degree while stationed in Kunsan, South Korea. When off-duty, he loves hunting, fishing, and spending time with his wife Jennifer and their five kids.

“Victor will not only get the job done,” emphasizes Mr. Steinberg, “but also he will do it above and beyond the standard and he will save money for the client, which is no easy feat.”

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