Do You Have A Reliable Disaster Recovery Plan in Place in the Event of a Data Loss?

Disaster Recovery

If you answered “no”, you are not alone. 27% of businesses have thought their backup solution was working properly only to find out data could not be restored when an emergency occurred. 60% of small businesses have experienced a failure restoring data at some point. Of these firms, 70% will go out of business within a year of suffering a severe data loss.

Protecting your data is essential to your operations because downtime costs money. Fortunately, ISS Solutions is here to help. We are happy to announce one of our newer managed services offerings—business continuity and disaster recovery. We are collaborating with leading IT cloud platform provider Axcient to deliver backup and recovery solutions. Our Axcient offering ensures all of your files, applications, and systems are constantly protected and instantly retrievable, no matter the emergency.

How does it work?

ISS Solutions’ Axcient offering is a hybrid solution, where the data is stored locally at the client’s site on an HP appliance for fast backup and restoration. The same data is securely replicated offsite in the cloud, which provides duplicate data protection and disaster recovery.

Why does it work?

Managing data can be a major challenge—laptops get stolen, Email servers fail, employees accidentally delete an important file, systems get hacked—and if your organization is not prepared with a plan, you could experience downtime and decreased productivity, costing your organization money. With ISS Solutions’ Axcient offering, your IT department will have the ability to get your business up and running again in no time. Your data will be available, no matter what happens. Your IT team can strategize for future business growth instead of wasting time on present-day damage control, and you will finally have the peace of mind you deserve.

Contact ISS Solutions today to discuss how your organization is protecting its data and how solutions our disaster recover and business continuity solutions will protect your investments by eliminating downtime and data loss.

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