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XP End of Life

Support for Microsoft Windows XP ended on April 8, 2014. Many organizations are still unclear on what they plan to do and most small and medium-sized businesses are unaware that Windows XP support is ending soon. ISS Solutions is here to help, providing current users with guidance and support during the transition to a more current version of Windows.

Migrate today and enjoy increased productivity, security, and savings.


  • By switching from Windows XP, your employees will experience faster boot time, less down time, and fewer IT issues, increasing productivity.
  • Many application software vendors have already stopped supporting Windows XP, so you may be unable to get any further upgrades or critical fixes to key business applications.


  • When support for Windows XP ends, your business will no longer receive security patches, hot fixes, or incident reports, leaving your entire organization open to a greater risk of hacking. By switching from Windows XP, you will ensure both your business’ regulatory compliance and the safety of your systems.


  • Supporting older systems is expensive. By switching from Windows XP, your business could save up to $700 per PC per year with Windows 7 through lower maintenance and support costs. Plus, migrating from Windows XP yields a 137% ROI over 3 years.

Consider this: According to a 2012 International Data Corporation (IDC) whitepaper, “Organizations that continue to retain a Windows XP environment not only are leaving themselves exposed to security risks and support challenges but also are wasting budget dollars that would be better used in modernizing their IT investments.”

Don’t wait another moment. Contact ISS Solutions to learn how we can help your organization transition from Windows XP.

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