Server Consolidation Yields More Than Just Cost Savings

Server Consolidation

Many larger organizations are already benefiting from server consolidation, including reduced hardware, software, electricity, cooling, and administrative costs. While most large companies have already performed a server consolidation, many mid-sized companies still have questions: “Will it work in my environment?” and “What kind of savings can I expect?”

ISS Solutions can help answer these questions by performing a no-charge study for companies interested in the benefits of server consolidation. The consolidation study allows clients to compare their current capital and operating expenses against the costs of a consolidated environment. The study results in a report that shows key financial metrics, such as ROI and payback period under real-world conditions. These metrics allow IT departments to make well-informed decisions regarding current and future server consolidation projects.

To perform the study, ISS Solutions loads a proprietary data collector onto a system in your data center. The data collector monitors the servers for several days. It records CPU, memory, and IO performance and analyzes dozens of other factors. Using the information collected in combination with over 40 years’ experience supporting data centers, ISS Solutions is able to determine the optimal, consolidated server environment for your company.

In a consolidated environment, multiple applications or “workloads” share the same server hardware. In the past, running multiple workloads on the same server was avoided because a problem in any one workload could terminate all the processes running on the server. Therefore, each workload was given its own server. The result of this “silo” approach was a sprawl of servers in data centers around the globe. Most of these servers spent an enormous percentage of their CPU time idle because they were provisioned to be able support peak demand, which occurred only occasionally. In contrast, a consolidated environment allows virtual machine scheduling or “hypervisor” software to provide isolation between workloads. As a result, a failure in one workload has no effect on the other workloads sharing the hardware.

In addition to the benefits listed above, a consolidated server environment can provide better availability, improved security, and enhanced performance for mission critical applications. It also puts your IT department in a position to more easily deploy disaster recovery capabilities and leverage hybrid cloud services.

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