Contact Center Case Study: OKI Data Americas

OKI Data Americas Enjoys Continued Success through ISS Solutions Collaboration

OKI Data Americas Enjoys Continued Success through ISS Solutions Collaboration


Company: OKI Data Americas
Headquarters: Mount Laurel, New Jersey
Business: Top printer manufacturer
providing printing solutions for businesses and home users.



Find a contact center capable of providing thorough, clear technical support to novice through expert users.


Collaborate with ISS Solutions to bolster the contact center at OKI Data Americas and best meet customer needs.


  • Supplied support 24/7/365
  • Provided quality service in a timely manner
  • Acquired specialized support catered to OKI Data Americas’ needs
  • Affirmed commitment to customer satisfaction

OKI Data Americas is one of the top printer manufacturers in the industry. Situated on the cutting edge of the latest printing technology, OKI Data Americas provides a diverse assortment of color and monochrome printers to businesses and home users. The company understands that workplace and home users rely on their products to keep things running smoothly.

When companies or individuals encounter difficulties with printers, it hurts their business and wastes their time. That’s why the contact center at OKI Data Americas is so important—because the contact center analysts quickly and intelligently solve printing problems so that people can be productive. OKI Data Americas knew that they needed contact center support from a company that would understand their customer-first philosophy.

“We have a long history with ISS Solutions. When we ask ourselves if another service provider can bring more to the table, we find that ISS Solutions is unsurpassed in quality of service as well as value.” —Mike Boudreau, OKI Data Americas Customer Support Center Senior Manager

OKI Data Americas chose ISS Solutions to deliver outstanding customer service. After comparing ISS Solutions to other vendors, OKI Data Americas concluded that ISS Solutions’ cost-effectiveness, range of services, and dedication to collaboration made them stand out among contact center support providers. OKI Data Americas Customer Support Center Senior Manager, Mike Boudreau explains, “When all was said and done, ISS Solutions stood out above the rest on all of those levels.”

Supplied Support 24/7/365

Since customers can have printing issues at any hour, OKI Data Americas must solve these issues at any hour. ISS Solutions bolsters the OKI Data Americas contact center during the normal workday, answering overflow calls and managing the whole helpdesk when OKI Data Americas’ employees attend meetings and training. During nights, weekends, and holidays, the collaboration goes even farther, as ISS Solutions provides full support to OKI Data Americas’ customers.

“As our business partner,” says Mr. Boudreau, “ISS Solutions helps us throughout the year—24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” ISS Solutions’ trustworthy and flexible support system keeps the contact center running efficiently year-round, resolving customer problems at any time.

Provided Quality Service in a Timely Manner

When customers call OKI Data Americas with a question, they expect an immediate answer. ISS Solutions honors OKI Data Americas’ dedication to providing quality solutions quickly. On average, analysts answer the phone in under a minute. But during actual conversations, helping the customer solve the issue is much more important than keeping phone calls short.

As Mr. Boudreau states, “Customers expect fast answers. But that’s only one piece of customer support. An even more important piece is quality of service.” Contact center analysts maintain high service standards, understanding that comprehensive problem-solving is the key to excellent customer service.

Acquired Specialized Support Based on OKI Data Americas’ Needs

ISS Solutions is more than an ordinary business collaborator for OKI Data Americas. Through ISS Solutions, OKI Data Americas acquired specialized support catered to their ideas, corporate culture, and goals, providing a costeffective and individualized solution.

ISS Solutions has its own OKI Data Americas lab in which to work with
printing equipment.ISS Solutions has its own OKI Data Americas lab in which to work with printing equipment.

ISS Solutions develops a specialized service model for each of their clients, measuring their own success on how well they meet client goals. ISS Solutions implements OKI Data Americas’ personal needs and desires through open communication with analysts about OKI Data Americas’ key performance indicators and by monitoring analyst performance with call recording.

Affirmed Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

If a contact center support program does not satisfy panicking customers, it will be a complete disaster, no matter how cost-effective, fast, and specialized it is. However, ISS Solutions contact center support satisfies customers. Surveyed OKI Data Americas customers consistently rate their contact center experience at or near the top, whether they had spoken with an OKI Data Americas or ISS Solutions analyst. ISS Solutions’ analysts meet or exceed OKI Data Americas’ standards, presenting to customers as one unified contact center.

The collaboration’s success stems from a shared dedication to quality service. Because of this commitment to the customer, Mr. Boudreau endorses collaborating with ISS Solutions wholeheartedly, saying, “I would definitely recommend ISS Solutions to my colleagues. You might ask why. First off, we share a consistent view in terms of customer satisfaction. World-class customer service is a hallmark of OKI Data Americas, and clearly it is important to ISS Solutions. Service excellence is our constant goal; together, we make it happen.”

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