Clinical Technology Case Study: Wayne Memorial Hospital

Wayne Memorial Hospital Improves Patient Support through ISS Solutions Collaboration


Company: Wayne Memorial Hospital
Headquarters: Honesdale, Pennsylvania
Business: Nonprofit hospital with over 30 inpatient and outpatient specialties serving community members in Northeastern Pennsylvania and Sullivan County, New York.



Decrease escalating service costs for imaging equipment without reducing service quality or team cohesion.


Collaborate with ISS Solutions, a technology lifecycle management organization with experience in delivering imaging equipment service at a cost advantage.


  • Reduced Costs without Sacrificing Service Quality
  • Integrated Team through Shared Values
  • Customized Program to Meet Specific Needs

Wayne Memorial Hospital may have humble beginnings, but it’s not just any community hospital. What started as a private residence caring for 55 World War I veterans in 1920 has emerged into a nonprofit healthcare setting serving community members from three counties within Pennsylvania and New York. With 98 acute-care and 14 rehabilitation beds and over 30 inpatient and outpatient specialties, Wayne Memorial Hospital is indispensable to residents of its three-county service area. So when Wayne Memorial Hospital realized its service costs were going through the roof, management knew they needed to make changes.

Rob Brzuchalski, Imaging Services Manager for Wayne Memorial Hospital “We need to provide the services we provide to our patients, and we need to be fiscally responsible. ISS Solutions has provided the best value to this organization while still delivering a good service to us." —Rob Brzuchalski, Imaging Services Manager for Wayne Memorial Hospital

Specifically, service costs had become the number-one expense in radiology. Employees found that an inordinate amount of their time was spent managing costs and juggling contracts for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). “We decided to take it on as a project and see if there were opportunities out there for us to find a better partner and allow each individual organization enough freedom to tailor a program around what our specific needs might be,” said Rob Brzuchalski, Imaging Services Manager for Wayne Memorial Hospital, who is responsible for day-to-day operations in the hospital’s radiology department as well as regulatory compliance and contractual obligations. He explained the hospital started an RFP process in the Fall of 2011 to control the cost of servicing its imaging equipment. In December of that year, Wayne Memorial Hospital contracted with ISS Solutions, a Pennsylvania-headquartered clinical technology lifecycle management organization, as its partner for the delivery of imaging equipment services. ISS Solutions’ ability to customize its service offerings, combined with the values the organization holds and its focus on driving down total cost of ownership, made for the perfect business partner with Wayne Memorial Hospital.

Wayne Memorial HospitalWayne Memorial Hospital

Reduced Costs without Sacrificing Service Quality

Wayne Memorial Hospital was looking to partner with an organization that would save it money but not comprise the performance of its equipment. They wanted to consolidate imaging equipment support into a more manageable approach and streamline the process. One of the first improvements ISS Solutions implemented after teaming with Wayne Memorial Hospital was reducing expenses by refurbishing and reusing out-of-service equipment. In one instance, the ISS Solutions team reassembled and put back to use an out-of-service bone densitometer. “We found a middle ground and were able to save money utilizing pieces of technology that were not yet at the end-of-life,” commented Mr. Brzuchalski. “It was a hybrid approach that worked to our advantage.” Through partnering closely with Wayne Memorial Hospital’s team, ISS Solutions was able to explore and lay out options that could better serve Wayne Memorial Hospital’s goal of fiscal responsibility while maintaining absolute quality of service for its patients.

Just as Wayne Memorial Hospital is dedicated to fiscal responsibility and quality of service, ISS Solutions is constantly working toward greater efficiency to reduce cost while delivering the best service possible. ISS Solutions continuously reviews its tools, forms, procedures and training programs to streamline operations and better support its imaging technicians. According to Mr. Brzuchalski, “ISS Solutions has provided the best value to this organization while still delivering a good service to us. We are able to share ideas and get honest feedback from their wealth of experience. I projected that over the three year contract we would save 24% in service costs and currently I am going to realize a 35% savings annually going forward on three ultrasound units that are coming off an OEM agreement and falling under the ISS Solutions’ model.”

ISS Solutions Technician at Wayne Memorial Hospital

Integrated Team through Shared Values

The ISS Solutions team fully understood Wayne Memorial Hospital’s need to find a service provider with whom it could foster a comfortable, working relationship and in whom it could trust to help uphold its own relationship with its patients. Mr. Brzuchalski appreciated that ISS Solutions’ employees respected his organization’s rules and regulations, a cooperation he hadn’t always received from other service providers. But the clincher was the values the two organizations held in common. “We are here to improve the health of our community and we do that essentially through our core values which are compassion, advocacy, respect, education, and safety,” explained Mr. Brzuchalski. “That’s how we fulfill our mission of having a healthy community.” ISS Solutions’ core value of service excellence complements the Wayne Memorial Hospital model and the teams integrate well based on their common belief in patient-centered care. “ISS Solutions’ employees do a great job,” noted Mr. Brzuchalski. “They understand that our patients are our priority.”

At ISS Solutions, it is always important to integrate with a client’s team—it is shared values that make the collaboration successful. “It is really all about communication. The ISS Solutions employees that come in have always been very professional and personable with the staff here and me in keeping us informed of what is going on,” said Mr. Brzuchalski.

Customized Program to Meet Specific Needs

The services ISS Solutions brings are always tailored to meet the client’s specific needs. ISS Solutions worked alongside Wayne Memorial Hospital staff—not replacing their in-house group but rather bringing in the necessary elements to support their organization’s culture and proceed hand-in-hand the most effectively. This customization sets the ISS Solutions team far beyond competitors as a service provider.

This is also true in the case of special circumstances that require unique solutions. ISS Solutions headed up a project from start-to-finish to reinstall a radiographic room that had been in storage. “We did not have a good history or background on that piece of equipment. It was installed at the time in a manner that wasn’t intended,” said Mr. Brzuchalski. “ISS Solutions took on the task, even though it was a bit more challenging than anybody anticipated.” Though much of the equipment was unsalvageable, the ISS Solutions team was able to negotiate with another vendor to replace it. Instead of doing only the baseline of what would be necessary to get the room functioning, the team provided a customized renovation that met Wayne Memorial Hospital’s requirements. “The ISS Solutions team was very concerned that we would be pleased with the end result and that it would perform in a way that not only met specifications but would also be to our satisfaction,” explained Mr. Brzuchalski. “Plus, it was a much more economical way to solve our problem. That project was a good example of ISS Solutions demonstrating a partnership with us and really taking our partnership to a level that other folks might not.”

As the collaboration moves forward, Wayne Memorial Hospital is anticipating learning more from ISS Solutions. “We are anxious to further look at ways and opportunities to lower our costs as a whole, yet strengthen our partnership,” explained Mr. Brzuchalski. And he knows that it goes both ways: ISS Solutions will also keep learning from the hospital to best meet its specific needs. “That’s the key–the willingness to adapt and customize to our organization’s needs and desires. Those key elements were really driving forces for us.”

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