International Shared Services (ISS) Saving Luzerne County Thousands with New Teleconferencing System

Wilkes Barre, PA, July 28, 2003—International Shared Services (ISS), a technology solutions provider based in Plymouth Meeting, recently installed a teleconferencing system that is saving the Luzerne County Courthouse thousands of dollars in costs associated with the transfer of prisoners and county officials for court hearings.

County officials invested about $70,000 in the video conferencing system from ISS. According to Jack Mulroy, Deputy Court Administrator, Luzerne County Courthouse, the system has already saved the county more than $200,000 since October of last year.

“Nobody realized the cost of moving the prisoners around,” said Mulroy. “Plus there are safety, security and medical factors to consider when transporting prisoners.”

The teleconferencing system enables county officials to interact with inmates using cameras and monitors in their respective locales. When teleconferencing is utilized, sheriff deputies no longer have to transport inmates to court, sometimes for a stay of six to 10 days at the county’s expense. It is also helpful in trials when witnesses cannot make it to the courtroom and for interviews between defendants and their lawyers.

According to Mulroy, a court hearing that sometimes would cost several thousand dollars can now be held for as little as seven dollars.

ISS, a provider of cost-effective computer technology solutions, is responsible for designing and implementing the networking system for the teleconferencing technology and installing it in Luzerne County.

“We studied our options and looked at several different setups,” said Mulroy. “Everyone at ISS was more than cooperative. They bent over backwards to help us. We appreciated their expertise, flexibility and timeliness.”

Tim Langan, Regional Sales Manager, ISS, said “By implementing a sound technology solution, our client netted a full return on investment in a matter of months.”

“The financial results were much more than any of us expected,” said Mulroy. He also noted that county officials are considering the installation of a second videoconferencing system in the next year.

ISS headquarters are located in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. The company employs more than 135 professionals and offers services ranging from PC maintenance to network design, implementation and management. ISS serves clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region from more than a dozen satellite offices. To contact ISS, email

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