Geisinger Health System featured in Time Magazine

Geisinger Health System, the parent organization of ISS Solutions, was featured in a Time Magazine article on October 26, 2009. An excerpt follows:


But there are ways to fix what ails the docs — and repair the health-care system in the process. In the rolling hills of central Pennsylvania, the Geisinger Health System is trying something different. The 726 physicians and 257 residents and fellows who work there don't do piecework. They are paid a salary — benchmarked against the national average — plus potential bonuses based on how well their patients do under their care. One result is that Geisinger is able to hang on to its PCPs while other hospitals are losing theirs. Another is that Geisinger makes money, and, oh yes, the patients get well.

In his Sept. 9 speech to Congress, President Obama singled out Geisinger and Utah's Intermountain Healthcare as examples of organizations that are learning to do things right. He could have cited others too: the Cleveland Clinic, the Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Permanente. What these providers have in common are the creative ways they're doing away with fee-for-service and replacing it with an imaginative mix of systems that cost less, keep patients healthier and make doctors happier. "We need a transition to rewarding the actual value of care," says Dr. Elliott Fisher, director of population health and policy at the Dartmouth Institute. "For now, our payment system is getting in the way."


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