Client Author: Randy Stubits, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network

It’s not often that you find a six-foot seven, world-class basketball player leading the Materials Management department in a hospital. For Randy Stubits, it all started his freshman year of college. His basketball team was spending a night on the road, when a gas explosion in the neighboring building’s kitchen turned Mr. Stubits and his teammates into de facto first responders. They saved over a dozen kitchen workers from the blazing fire.

Randy Stubits, Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network

The experience inspired Mr. Stubits. Already a volunteer firefighter, he took multiple first aid classes and became an emergency medical technician (EMT). Later, he even became the vice president of his hometown ambulance association. Mr. Stubits enjoyed volunteering on the ambulance crew. “It’s not that I enjoy seeing people sick or hurt, but it felt good that I could help people.” Once, the ambulance responded to the home of an elderly couple that primarily spoke Pennsylvania Dutch. Mr. Stubits, whose grandparents spoke Pennsylvania Dutch, communicated with the couple, gaining their trust and cooperation.

Mr. Stubits stayed busy as the basketball team captain and as a student athletic trainer. He graduated from Ursinus College with a degree in Economics. After college, he played in the European Basketball League. When he first got off the plane in Brussels, Belgium, with only two travel bags and an address on a slip of paper, he knew no one, spoke none of the language, and had no idea where he was going. However, Mr. Stubits quickly learned how to get around Western Europe.

While visiting the United States, Mr. Stubits suffered a car accident that halted his basketball career. But his injuries couldn’t stop him from making a difference in people’s lives. Mr. Stubits spent eight years in retail, learning about supply change management, before joining the Materials Management team at Lehigh Valley Hospital. After eighteen years at Lehigh Valley Hospital, he joined Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network, where he has been Director of Materials Management for the past five years. In this position, Mr. Stubits oversees purchasing, shipping and receiving, and central supply, inventory management, the mail room, the copy shop, and the medical equipment management program.

One of Mr. Stubits’ latest projects gives high school students with disabilities the chance to experience the work environment. Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network partners with Project Search, placing students in central supply or the mail room. The program trains students for one or two semesters, and the opportunity prepares them for employment after graduation.

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