CE Service Spotlight: Rehabilitation Hospitals

Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network

When most people go to “the hospital,” they are usually going to an acute care facility for the treatment of a specific illness. Rehabilitation hospitals, such as Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network, on the other hand, provide further medical care for patients released from acute care facilities. Stroke or burn victims, amputation patients, and car accident survivors are just a few types of patients that Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network supports. Rehabilitation hospitals treat patients with the objective of returning them to the best quality of life achievable.

Providing clinical engineering services for rehabilitation hospitals and acute care hospitals is similar but the equipment volume and types are different. ISS Solutions Director of Clinical Engineering Rick Pica says, “Typically, we visit rehabilitation centers once or twice weekly because they have less equipment to inspect and repair than an acute care facility. We send the same technicians to the same facilities on the same days of the week so they cement personal relationships with the staff and become familiar with the equipment.”

In addition to providing clinical engineering services for Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network, ISS Solutions also services equipment for many other rehabilitation centers and facilities of national providers. If you are interested in obtaining clinical engineering services for your facility, contact John Stalker at stalker@ISSsolutions.com or 215-752-2221 x 232.

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