Back-to-School IT support: Muhlenberg College

Muhlenberg College, a private liberal arts college in Allentown, Pennsylvania, is dedicated to providing students with all the tools they need to obtain a first-rate education. As today’s students do the majority of assignments on their computers, Muhlenberg College has identified Information Technology support as critical for learning.

Today, the college serves over 2000 students and employs over 200 full-time and part-time faculty members. Muhlenberg College provides extensive technological support to students and staff by working with ISS Solutions. An on-site ISS Solutions technician routinely repairs student computers. ISS Solutions also provides Muhlenberg College with server repair within four hours, assistance in the purchase of hardware, implementation of new operating systems, rollout of personal computers, and IT staffing to fill in for employees on leave.

Muhlenberg College

Muhlenberg College Director of the Office of Information Technology Harry Miller says, “Muhlenberg for years was known as the ‘Caring College’ because of the relationship between faculty, staff, and students.” Muhlenberg College and ISS Solutions have collaborated to develop methodologies that enable them to network and service almost any model of personal computer a student might bring to school. “Today, students arrive, plug their computers in, complete their configuration, and are ready to study.” Mr. Miller adds, “Parents value that they don’t need to drive to campus over the weekend to fix their son’s or daughter’s computer.”

Of Muhlenberg College’s 1.4 million square feet of building space, at least 350,000 square feet are covered by wireless access, and student dormitories provide wireless connections for residents. Keeping campus technology running is a big job. “Parents are amazed that we have somebody here to repair and service student equipment,” says Harry Miller, Director of the Office of Information Technology.

Muhlenberg College’s on-site ISS Solutions technician can be counted on to assist students when data disappears or a screen goes blank. Mr. Miller says, “He exhibits flexibility, good communication skills, good interpersonal skills, and a willingness to serve the campus.”

Mr. Miller says that Muhlenberg’s approach is different than many other colleges. At many schools, students are expected to resolve their own computer issues. Muhlenberg College, with assistance from ISS Solutions, exceeds their users’ expectations with comprehensive IT support.

Muhlenberg College selected ISS Solutions because of their quality of service and value. Mr. Miller says, “ISS Solutions is competitive and we are happy with the service.” ISS Solutions has supported Muhlenberg College for over ten years.

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