Message from CEO: 25 Years with Geisinger

Peter Brooks, Chief Executive Officer

ISS Solutions celebrated an important milestone recently – 25 years of ownership by Geisinger Health System. Being owned by Geisinger gives our clients many advantages in the marketplace.

By servicing the sophisticated medical equipment of one of the country’s premier health care providers, ISS Solutions provides high-level service at a cost advantage over OEMs. With our ongoing investment in training, we can leverage what we learn at Geisinger to the benefit of all of our 120-plus clinical engineering clients.

Information technology clients have a cost advantage when purchasing personal computers, printers, servers, and other computer equipment and software. ISS Solutions handles large volume product purchases for Geisinger, which increases our buying power when procuring products for all clients.

ISS Solutions is fiscally sound. Geisinger, a $2.1 Billion organization, manages our cash and accounts payable function. When new clients begin working with us, they are pleasantly surprised to learn that we are a combination of a small, entrepreneurial company, with the backing of a large organization.

Geisinger Health System is both ISS Solutions’ parent company and largest client. They require high-end, professional service at a cost advantage over OEMs. ISS Solutions provides these same services and cost advantages to our several hundred other clients.

Peter Brooks, CEO
ISS Solutions

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