Case Study Highlights Support for Global Food Product Business

Who provides the IT support for the business that manufacturers products such as the candy you eat on Halloween and the food that fills your kitchen pantry before Thanksgiving?

ISS Solutions' IT support keeps food company on track ISS Solutions takes care of a global food manufacturer's IT, letting them focus on making the foods we love!

ISS Solutions has partnered with GlobalServe to meet all the complex global IT needs of the Worldwide Manufacturer of Food Products, a business that spans dozens of countries and generates tens of billions of dollars in revenue annually.

To be successful within the global food industry these days, a business must be able to rely on up-to-date, streamlined technology. If something goes wrong they must have quick, responsive technicians ready and available. The Worldwide Manufacturer of Food Products has acquired security within both of these arenas through working with the ISS Solutions-GlobalServe Collaboration.

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