Meet an Employee: Ron Bassett

Ron Bassett, Director of Business Development
Ron Bassett, our Director of Business Development, IT Managed Services, is responsible for numerous aspects of ISS Solutions’ IT Managed Services programs, including strategy development, partnership engagement, client acquisition, and customer satisfaction.

Mr. Bassett brings extensive knowledge of IT Managed Services and more than 30 years of customer service leadership experience to his role. Most recently, he contributed to ISS Solutions as an executive consultant. Before that, he served as Director of Customer Satisfaction and Services, North America, for OKI Data Americas, and General Manager of Customer Service for Sony’s Business and Professional Group.

Mr. Bassett’s significant contributions at OKI Data Americas consistently raised overall customer satisfaction levels to above 90%, increasing product sales while stabilizing operating expenses and growing the business by 30%. At Sony, his noteworthy accomplishments included greatly reducing both elapsed depot repair time and in-field response time through implementing innovative process changes. At both companies, Mr. Bassett led the initial teams that developed and deployed successful IT Managed Services programs.

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