Collaboration Benefits ESSROC's Client Support Supervisor

“We’ve built our relationship with ISS Solutions over many years and they’re able to take care of anything," says Joshua Pretko, Client Support Supervisor for ESSROC."I don’t have to worry about things that ISS Solutions handles for ESSROC.” Josh Pretko, ESSROC Client Support SupervisorMr. Pretko supervises ESSROC’s help desk and desktop support teams, which manage all of the desktops, laptops, mobile devices, and printers within the organization.

While the majority of ESSROC’s approximately 1,100 desktop units and peripheral equipment reside at their headquarters and nearby facilities, their mobile sales force laptops were in constant need of repair while other mission-critical devices were in use at their cement-processing facilities scattered throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Supporting computers, servers, printers, and peripheral equipment for thousands of employees, while managing local IT vendors for 14 locations plus a mobile sales force, were time-consuming tasks for ESSROC. So in 1998, ESSROC engaged ISS Solutions to provide quality IT break/fix services at all of its North American operations centers. This collaboration has actually saved Mr. Pretko a lot of on-the-job anxiety because the problems that occur in a cement– producing organization range from difficult to downright bizarre. “The situations that come up are never your every day break/fixes,” said Mr. Pretko. “They’re always unusual. Fortunately, ISS Solutions’ technicians and peace of mind are only a phone call away.”

For more than seven years Mr. Pretko has worked closely with ISS Solutions’ management and on-site technicians. “Our ISS Solutions technicians always reach outside the normal bounds to ensure we get what we need,” said Mr. Pretko. “That’s invaluable to me.”

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